‘Strong lightweight concrete would be most beneficial in designing the structure of buildings, particularly multi storey structures. The weight savings will undoubtedly reduce foundation mass and the spans of beams and slabs will likely increase by 10% or more due to reduced dead loads.’


The cost saving advantages of lightweight aggregate to produce lighter concrete are well proven. Years of research in precast concrete wall panel production, cartage and erection of lighter weight concrete elements and multi-storey structures has proven Polyrox™ to be substantially cost-effective with seamless integration into existing building methodologies.

Other than the benefits of lighter weight, Polyrox™ is a true ‘plug & play’ product (it doesn’t require any change in techniques and procedures across the whole process of construction from architects, engineers, contractors to customers).

All alternative forms of lightweight concrete require re-education, training, and modification of techniques across the construction supply chain and massive investment in R&D as well as infrastructure. Nevertheless, these other options lack the combination of strength and lightweight of Polyrox™.

Due to unclassified ash requirements, the Polyrox™ production facilities can be de-centralised.  The use of Polyrox™ results in significantly less weight in each cubic metre of concrete.

Polyrox Pty Ltd has recognised and fulfilled the need for stronger, lighter concrete than is presently available using quarried products. This is based on 4 years of research in the manufacture of Polyrox™ and a 25 year history in the construction industry.