‘Polyrox™ is manufactured by a geopolymeric process and is a higher grade, weighs less than typically used aggregates and can be used in all forms of concrete. Since the size and shape of Polyrox™ can be predefined, concrete manufacturers can control the mix design precisely using large sized ‘stones’ to fine grained ‘sands’ made from the Polyrox™ process.’

About Polyrox

Potential uses for Polyrox™ reduced weight concrete include:

  1. Precast concrete wall panel production;
  2. Ready mixed concrete for in-situ construction, particularly multi-storey buildings;
  3. Manufacture of roof tiles;
  4. Manufacture of concrete blocks and pavers;
  5. Manufacture of pipes, pits and similar precast components;
  6. Reduced weight precast flooring systems for multi-storey commercial buildings and residential buildings;
  7. As non-compressible backfill.

In most cases the benefits are mainly production of larger elements, increased span capabilities, the cost of cartage and the reduced cost of cement content — both of raw material and finished product.

Should a lightweight concrete be used with a density in the area of 1800kg/m3, then a reduction in overall delivery cartage of 25% can be considered for all of these situations.